• Amee throughout her life, she has always been fascinated by Images and Artistic Beauty.
  • At very young age she used to see Colors in Black and White Pictures and Life in every frame as, they say every Picture tells a Story.
  • After many years of painting in watercolors, Amee moved forward, experimenting with abstracts in various mediums.
  • Amee currently Paints for a cause at RAH Foundation and helps in teaching the young needy students to develop their art and craft skills for their livelihood.
  • Earned her MBA in 2016,  at RAH her management skills help the superiors and subordinates to overlap with leadership skills, as both involve problem-solving, decision-making, planning, delegation, communication, and time management. 
  • Mr Siddharth Baid is a young and dynamic mind in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • He always dreamt of cars and to move forward in the field of Automobiles.
  • After working on various projects in college like Baja-2015, Ecokart-2016, ISK-2017 and being the member of Society of Automatic Engineers for over 2 years, now is his time to shine bright in the World of CARS.
  • At RAH his unstoppable enthusiasm and to grow as a person helps the company to diversify in various other horizons.                                                                                                                                                                                "Car industry was the place what I dreamt of being in, is my dream of being in and will always be my dream of being in"​                                                                                                         -Siddharth Baid
  • Ravi Kaneria found himself drawn in the field of Auditing and Consultancy right after High School.
  • Holds the Masters Degree in Computer Application (MCA) and Professional Degree Course 'Chartered Accountants' (CA) under ICAI.
  • At RAH his leadership, versatility and dynamic approach towards handling various professional tasks makes him worthy Asset to the Company.
  • Leadership involves managing, coordinating and supervising, taking responsibility for people; directing, organising and motivating them.
  • His unique combination in the field of IT and in the field Commerce makes him special and stand out among the crowd.







  • Mr. Ketan's previous Experience in MNC Firm 'Accenture' provides him with the wealth of knowledge in Field of Commerce.

    Earned his MBA in 2014 and pursuing Professional Degree Course Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India.

    At RAH he is responsible for leading and oversee company's long term goals and plans. Most management skills are related to five basic, fundamental functions: planning, organizing, coordinating, directing, and oversight.

    Ensure effective and efficient Internal Control are in place.


  • Mr. Mukul, Charetered Accountant and consultant helps the Company to stay Complaint to various regulations at each and every stage.
  • Worked on the Book “The Karnataka Value Added Tax Ready Reckoner and former editor of the monthly CA journal “The Articled” by Dhariwal and Sreenivas.
  • Author of articles on GST published on CA Club India, Tax Guruand various other online CA portals.
  • Visiting faculty for M.Com at SRN Adarsh College.
  • Taken multiple seminars on Goods and Service tax at variousforums.
  • Undertaken audits and tax management 0f big corporates.


  • Mrs Kaneria has worked in social development for one and a half decade. She started her career with the various NGOs and knowing them in person.
  • When a Child is born into poverty or is differently abled they have little control over their health, education and quality of life.
  • She was passionate about giving everyone choices and resources to meet the goals in their life. At RAH she as a President looks on to the basic needs to positively shape the children’s future.
  • She has helped many families by holding regular family meetings to discuss topics of interest, to set individual and family goals and to discuss ways to achieve their goals and lead a prosperous family.  
  • Mr. Hitesh Kaneria is one of our foremost executive Business Coaches, Speaker and Management Consultant.​
  • His strategic focus on solving corporate and human issues has garnered continuing raves from many Firms and Companies.
  • His experience for past 30 years brings a wealth of practical, real-life expertise and presence to every consulting, coaching and speaking relationship.
  • He motivates his clients by challenging and empowering them to achieve peak performance, teamwork, financial goals and personal satisfaction. 
  • His Fundamental philosophy : " Dont work for money!! When you work what you love, Money becomes the By-product "
  • ​As founder of RAH, he has built a valued practice that addresses the critical problems confronting businesses today.
  • Mr. Somik is currently pursuing Professional Degree course ICWA of India and his previous experience at Paperchase Ltd makes him our Premier Analyst.

    ​At RAH his major job duties involve doing analysis and data modeling, performing research for the clients to support the implementation of business strategies.

    Mr. Somik is responsible for most of excel heavy lifting, models which vary from market segmentation to cost reduction and client interaction.



RAH is well-established group of companies with a reputation for innovative and lasting results. Our Team consists of experts in the fields of  business consulting, accounting/auditing, software and automobiles. What separates us from the rest is our experience, commitment and staying current with the ever-changing future business landscape.